A deck of flashcards records words mispronounced by Trump. The front digitally simulates an emboss of the incorrect pronunciation. The reverse side is actually embossed with the correct pronunciation. Each mouth is generated from a database of characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet with the specific error(s) subtly highlighted. A distorted sine wave/spit dribble cuts through the phonetic notation and guides the reader to contextual information, accompanied with a rendering of the Trump University identity mark.

 ✗  “diversery” (diversity)
 ✗  “nahzee” (Nazi)
 ✗  “nambia” (Namibia)
 ✗  “premedication” (premeditation)
 ✗  “beyontsy” (Beyoncé)
▢ 9 x 5in: deck of 5
◤ MOAB Lasal Photo Matte 235

9 x 12in
◤ Stonehenge 90#
Rives Heavyweight

Fall 2017