The Happy Place 

Research + Poster Design + Animation
This in-progress research project seeks to locate the boundaries of the world(s) created by the Hallmark Channel. It began in the Visual Communication Design department’s capstone studio course at SAIC.

Poster + Animation: To celebrate Hallmark Channel’s viewership growth in 2016, which defied the cable industry’s downward trend in the face of competition from streaming services, I designed a Hallmark Christmas movie poster-inspired broadside detailing the channel’s three-part business strategy. I also created a short promo animation announcing their distinctive countdown to the countdown.

I aimed to visualize the data behind Hallmark’s content. My process began by lifting language from their 10-K. I then simulated Hallmark’s iconic visual vocabulary (the crown, the hearth, the ever-present white Adam and Eve duo, sparkles) and mimicked their film poster strategy of layering artificially-lit actors on digitally-generated backgrounds.


20 x 30in

▢ 1920 x 1080

In Progress