Tempus Labs
︎︎︎ Design system

Tempus Labs is a technology company in the healthcare space, advancing data-driven precision medicine through the practical application of AI. Tempus serves patients and supports providers across oncology, neurology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, and cardiology. As the builder of the world's largest library of clinical and molecular data, Tempus partners with scientists and researchers to accelerate the drug development process, leading to better patient outcomes.

Since 2019, I have helped build and guide the evolution of Tempus' signature identity and design language. Over the course of 2021, our small, agile brand team re-designed Tempus' site from the ground up to reflect a new vision, set of offerings, and suite of business units that were launching. I kick-started and developed original 2D and 3D illustration styles, a refined typographic system, and a modular approach to layout, all within a framework that scales elegantly as Tempus expands rapidly.